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CNO via minipump

I've received several queries regarding the delivery of CNO via Alzet (or similar) minipumps.

As far as I'm aware no data using this as a delivery platform for CNO has been published (nor has my lab attempted this as we typically simply put CNO in the drinking water (

Nonetheless--it should work.  Anyone with success/failure feel free to add comments.

CNO in drinking water

We frequently get requests regarding protocols for putting CNO in the drinking water for long-term studies.

Here is our protocol:

1. Dissolve the CNO in a small volume of DMSO
2. Diluted the dissolved CNO in drinking water (e.g., 5mg/200ml)
3. Give mice with CNO drinking water  and protect from light using foil-wrapped bottles
4. The mice will receive 5mg/kg/day CNO (assume that mice weight 30g and consume 6ml water per day)
5. Prepare fresh daily.
6. A small amount of saccharine in the drinking water will mask the slightly bitter taste of CNO