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DREADDs, fast-spiking interneurons and animal models of schizophrenia

I get periodic queries as to whether/if hM4D can inhibit the firing of fast-spiking interneurons.  The answer is, apparently, yes.

The authors go on to make connections with circuitry dysregulation posited to occur in schizophrenia...

Hypothalamic regulation of energy balance deconstructed using DREADDs

Interesting paper in this vein published in Nature Neurosciences today.  Useful information related to the time-course of CNO's effects which might be  useful to others which are transient.

Lentiviral Vectors

We occasionally receive requests for the lentiviral vectors in Alexander et al, Neuron 2009.  We will soon make them available via ADDGENE but for now simply contact Hu ( from the Rothlab