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A New DREADD Facilitates the Multiplexed Chemogenetic Interrogation of Behavior

Now on-line at Neuron.

The constructs will be available soon from ADDGENE  without MTA.

Viruses will be available next week (May 3) from UNC.

This DREADD is activated by salvinorin B which may be purchased from Cayman or from Scott Wyer at Apple Pharms at a great discount.

Using DREADDs to identify cells involved in mediating aggression

Interesting paper in Cell Reportson this topic.

Using DREADDs to deconstruct contribution of astrocytes to feeding

PRESTO-TANGO: An open-source GPCR-ome resource for validating selectivity of chemogenetic actuators

Here is a paper just published which provides for an open-source resource for screening the druggable human GPCR-ome for off-target actions of chemogenetic chemical actuators.  The cDNAs will soon be available from ADDGENE and are available until then from the Roth lab.

Tet-tagged DREADDs

Using DREADDs to deconstruct pathways essential for treating neuropsychiatric disease

Nice paper in PNAS by Caron's lab.