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DREADDs: deconstrucing the "munchies"

A nice paper inNature today using DREADD technology to identify cells in the hypothalamus presumably involved in marihuana-induced feeding (e.g. "munchies")

Floxed DREADD mice now available from JAX

Although we've not yet published anything on these JAX would like us to let all know the following which lists the mice as well as direct links to the JAXMice datasheets.

--JR#026219  R26-LSL-Gi-DREADD (Rosa-CAG-LSL-HA-hM4Di-pta-mCitrine) --JR#026220  R26-LSL-Gq-DREADD (Rosa-CAG-LSL-HA-hM3Dq-pta-mCitrine) --JR#026261  R26-LSL-Gs-DREADD (Rosa-CAG-LSL-HA-rM3Ds-pta-mCitrine)