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Nice integration of multiple technologies (chemo, opto and tetanus toxin) to interrogate meal termination

Retro-DREADD and axonal silencing

Very nice use of chemogenetic and viral technology here to obtain axonal silencing of projections via Retro-DREADD in different brain areas

NATURE: memory linking rescue by activating cells with DREADDs

Nice ultimate experiment from this paper by labs of Golshani and Silva

Cool DREADD paper deconstructs cortical desynchronization and arousal

Cre dependent DREADD mice

As we deposited these mice in JAX some time ago, we have now published a fairly complete characterization of said mice. These should be useful for a large number of applications.


I once was meeting with a well-known neuroscientist who said DREADDs were 'cool channels'. Of course they are GPCRs and here is a nice paper showing how they can be used to identify signaling pathways in neurons responsible for behavior.

NEURON: Bidirectional DREADD modulation of Transplanted DA Neurons

Nice proof of concept story here for bi-directional modulation of transplanted can imagine all sorts of potential uses for this.

DREADDs to deconstruct how orbitofrontal cortex modulates reward sensitivity

DREADD + CRISPR + iPS cells: cool paper

An interesting paper and another proof-of-concept study combining chemogenetics, CRISPR and iPS cell technology.