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Genotyping for FLOXED hM4Di mice available via JAX


NATURE NEUROSCIENCE: DREADDs and PSAMs interrogate memory

PV plasticity, which involves changes in PV and GAD67 expression and connectivity onto PV neurons, was regulated by cAMP signaling in PV neurons. ...Our results reveal general network mechanisms of long-term memory consolidation that requires plasticity of PV basket cells induced after acquisition and sustained subsequently through D1/5 receptor signaling.

DREADDs therapeutically modulate experimental Alzheimer's Disease

Interesting paper here

Attenuation of β-Amyloid Deposition and Neurotoxicity by Chemogenetic Modulation of Neural Activity

DREADDs and optogenetics to deconstruct opioid modulation of inputs to PAG

Nice paper recently published.

Intriguingly the inputs when activated modulated hot plate but not tail flick nor locomotor activity.

Detailed genotyping instructions for FLOXED-Gq-DREADD mouse from JAX

Attached find our recommended and detailed genotyping instructions for the FLOXED-Gq-DREADD (hM3Dq) mouse

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS: DREADDs to deconstruct Gs vs Gq signaling and feeding

Very complete and compelling paper

Here we show that the activation of Gs-coupled receptors expressed by AgRP neurons leads to a robust and sustained increase in food intake. We also provide detailed mechanistic data linking the stimulation of this class of receptors to the observed feeding phenotype. Moreover, we show that this pathway is clearly distinct from other GPCR signalling cascades that are operative in AgRP neurons. Our data suggest that drugs able to inhibit this signalling pathway may become useful for the treatment of obesity.



Chemo- and Optogenetic Activation of Gαs Signaling in BLA Induces Anxiety