A useful approach for activation of specific neuronal pathways using DREADDs and CAV-1 Cre

A nice proof-of-concept paper was just published in PLOS ONE

Combined Use of the Canine Adenovirus-2 and DREADD-Technology to Activate Specific Neural Pathways In Vivo

Here canine associated adenovirus (CAV) expressing Cre-recombinase was used to specifically express hM3Dq (AAV-DIO-hSyn-hM3Dq-mCherry) in VTA neurons projecting to the striatum.  This paper is nice as it describes the technology in some detail.

I note a similar use of this approach was previously described by Carter et al (Nature, 2013).

My sense is that this technology will be broadly useful...


  1. Is Cre-recombinase common both optogenetics and DREADDs?

  2. Yes. See Urban and Roth Ann Rev Pharmacol 2015


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