DREADDs in Drosophila

I get occasional queries from folks in Pharma and Academia about model organisms and using DREADDs for various genetic/chemical genetic screening platforms.

A suite of DREADD-based flies are available from Charles Nichols and published in Cell Reports.  I believe Chuck will make these available (or may already) at Flybase.

Of course they work great in yeast and probably as well in all other organisms which use GPCRs (fish, worms, llamas, humans).



  1. Hello. I dont know if you can track also older comments because mine is 2 years after yours, but I will try. I am new in the neurobiology field and I study neuropeptides in drosophila and bombyx. I found DREADD method very useful for my experiments. However the flies are still not freely available until this date. Of course we are thinking of modifying mammalian vectors but it would save us a lot of time to work directly with flies. What is the progress with fly stocks? Thank you. Matej

  2. Contact Charles Nichols directly and he should be able to share the flies with you.


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