SCIENCE: DREADDs and Hypothalamic regulation of regionally distinct adult neural stem cells and neurogenesis

Interesting first-release Science paper here with direct CNO injections


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  2. I'm contemplating a DREADD experiment (my first!) in which I'd like to characterize the time course over which systemically injected CNO excites Cre-labeled neurons of mice in which AAV-FLEX hM3Dq has been stereotaxically injected into a heterogeneous region of the hypothalamus. I would like to prepare a slice at intervals after the CNO injection and determine the activity of neurons labeled with Cre-dependent TdTomato. My question is whether the CNO will have washed out by the time I prepare the slice and patch the cells? Has anyone tried this? Is it necessary to do in vivo recordings? I see no way to selectively record from just the Cre (fluroescent) neurons.


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