IRES constructs redux

I've received quite a few emails regarding my decision to no longer offer high titer viral stocks of the various IRES constructs via the UNC vector core.  And thought I'd clarify for those interested....

The constructs work beautifully in our hands (see for instance our recent paper where we used the CAMKII-hM4Di-IRES-mCitrene vector) and yield highly reproducible and high levels of transduction in mice.  

I have received a small number of emails from users who have not been able to reproducibly achieve high levels of transduction when the DIO-hSyn-DREADD-IRES-mCitrene constructs are used in combination with a Cre-driver line (even though they function well in our hands).

My sense is that there was some variability on the packaging on the part of the vector core and I directed them to take them off line.

The plasmids are/will be available from ADDGENE.



  1. Is there any control vector available for AAV5-CaMKIIa-HA-hM4D(Gi)-IRES-mCitrine?

    I am not sure but something like AAV5-CaMKIIa-HA-IRES-mCitrine

  2. Probably the best control would be a signaling 'DEAD-DREADD' which I think we could provide to you (e.g. CaMKIIa-HA-hM4Di-DEADD-IRES-mCitrene

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  4. Thanks for the reply.

    Is DEAD-DREADD new addition to the vectors? I searched in to literature but could not find any reference for it. Could you please put a link or reference here which would give some more information about DEAD-DREADDs?

    I also have a general question about CNO injections:
    Can I use central route of administration to restrict excitation/inhibition to a particular area?


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