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Comparison of opto- and chemogenetic technologies for modulating feeding response.  Data modified from and


  1. i guess viral expression is evident after 2-3 weeks. How about the upper limit? Something like 2-3 months? Any input would be valuable.

  2. There is a fairly large literature about this in mice as AAV is integrated into the genome. I highlight one paper which shows expression of cargo for at least 12 month ( )

    The longest we've looked for DREADD expression is 3 months--still expressed at high levels (Urban and Roth, unpublished).

  3. Thank you so much Bryan. Can I have a question regarding CNO effect? How long does it last in mice at 5mg/kg dose ( when injected IP) ? Something like two hours or does it last longer?

  4. Please look at the Neuron paper where this was addressed. It is within several minutes (


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