DREADDs in non-human primates

There is a series of three abstracts now on-line for the SFN2014 meeting relating what appears to be a very comprehensive analysis of DREADDs as tools to interrogate circuits, behavior and perception in non-human primates (NHP).

The first of the abstracts apparently uses 11C-CNO as a PET ligand to validate hM4Di expression in vivo which is quite nifty.

The abstracts are listed below and may be accessed via this on-line tool.  

Presentation Title:In vivo PET imaging of the behaviorally active designer receptor in macaque monkeys

Presentation Title:Reversible DREADD inactivation of less than 10% of Orbitofrontal cortex neurons in interconnection with rhinal cortex is sufficient to disrupt cue discrimination in monkeys
Presentation Title:Reversible DREADD inactivation of orbitofrontal cortex neurons in rhesus monkeys with contralateral rhinal cortex removal disrupts cued reward discrimination. I. Behavioral analysis


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