Should I make up CNO fresh or use frozen stocks?

Question:  I have a quick question about preparation of CNO. CNO will be prepared as 0.1 mg/ml in 0.25%DMSO/0.9% saline, and I am wondering whether this solution can be stored in 4C for a long term or should be stored in -20C (or should be prepared each day before using). 

Answer: We recommend making CNO fresh before each use.  


  1. Hello! Just to clarify, Is it acceptable to prepare fresh daily injections from frozen stocks? We are interested in starting dosing at 0.3mg/kg for a 30g mouse. Preparing this injection dose from powder would generate a huge amount of waste that I would like to avoid.

  2. What I would recommend is to store small use-once aliquots after you've made up a stock. Just make the aliquots a size that is convenient for one or two mice.


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