Heteromeric species

I frequently receive questions regarding the potential for DREADDs to form functional homo- and hetereomeric species.  There is a nice paper published some time ago indicating that at least in transfected cells any homomeric species are not of any significance in terms of signaling (e.g. a dimer between a DREADD and a native muscarinic receptor).

The broader question regarding potential hetereomeric species is unclear.  I note in passing that recent papers have reported failure to replicate D1/D2 hetereodimers and mGluR2/5-HT2A heterodimers suggesting that this field is still somewhat controversial.


  1. sorry this may not be the appropriate location..

    my question is regarding dissolving CNO.
    is the concentration of CNO in saline important?

    for example, if i want to do 3mg/kg for a 500g rat, i would ideally only inject a total volume of about 5mL.
    following this, can i mix 1.5 mg/ 5mL (.3mg per mL)?
    supposing of course good no suspension, but CNO is dissolved.


  2. Provided it is in solution that should be fine.


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